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St Marks Day Centre receive funding from ASDA Foundation


March Messy Church

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Young at Heart

Young at Heart group visiting the Black Country Museum - July 2015


March Messy Church

March Messy churc


Walsingham Pilgrimage

Pilgrimage to Walsingham June 2015


March Messy Church

March Messy churc



Handsworth Deanery Pilgrimage -

Celebrating our story!

All 13 Deaneries of the Diocese are coming on Pilgrimage to the Cathedral throughout 2015
Saturday 14th March saw the second of the Deanery Pilgrimages. Handsworth arrived at the cathedral with parish banners to celebrate their lives together across the deanery. The day began with a ‘pilgrimage tour’ of the cathedral ending with a call to worship with the very appropriate ‘To be a Pilgrim’. Bishop David received banners from each parish.

A sung litany using the saints of all the parishes was followed by a scripture reading read both in English and Hindi representing the broad cultural mix of this part of the city. Bishop David brought a message of encouragement to the Deanery and then each parish told something of their particular story (one in dance!) of how God was at work.

The act of worship finished with an opportunity to receive anointing with oil for healing and reconciliation which was led by Bishop David and priests from the Deanery. Perhaps the day can best be explained by Father Philip Calvert, the Area Dean who later emailed to all those who were involved; ‘Many thanks for your contributions to what turned out to be a splendid day. It far surpassed my expectations.’

Justin Welby said recently “Pilgrimage, like the journey through life, begins with possibilities. We set out with a sense of purpose, but with not much certainty. Our journeys are not well marked; we find ourselves in places we don’t expect with people we don’t expect…We encounter God in ways we don’t expect.”

The Reverend Canon Nigel Hand, Canon Missioner

Article extracted from Tercentenary Bulletin - March Handsworth Deanery (Click to download full PDF version)